Our Story

My name is Adan Rios - I am a Mexican-American from East Los Angeles and world traveler 🌏 ✈️

When I was engaged to be married I had one BIG CONCERN - the traditional wedding outfit for men.

The planning for the wedding had begun and I felt very uncomfortable with the idea of wearing a tuxedo - not my style!

That is not me, I knew I would feel uncomfortable and did not want to look at my own wedding day pictures years in the future to only remember how uncomfortable and not myself I felt in those clothes.

I felt there had to be another way, it was my wedding and I wanted to feel comfortable, in my own skin and have the best day of my life.

I did not want to follow a "tradition" that meant nothing to me simply because that is the typical "dress code".

At the time I was oblivious to the Guayabera shirt and the tradition this type of shirt has for wedding ceremonies and other formal occasions.

After doing some research I did find a very elegant, comfortable and high quality Guayabera that I wore for my wedding day.

Now when I look at those wedding day pictures I remember how happy, comfortable, and confident I felt because what I was wearing was in perfect alignment with my value to be comfortable so I could feel my most confident and enjoy the present moment, the biggest day of my life:) and I still have that shirt 11 years later.

Since then I have traveled to many parts of Mexico and Latin America in my studies abroad and leisure travel.

I’ve seen the Guayabera shirt in many settings:

~Weddings (like mine) and other formal events

~Nightlife / Date night

~Office and professional settings

~Casual settings like family parties and picnics.

The common trait of the people wearing guayaberas in these different settings is that they are COMFORTABLE & ELEGANT.

When you are comfortable you can be yourself, have more fun and be CONFIDENT.

For that reason I am curating the finest Guayaberas that I can find in the YUCATAN Peninsula and bringing them to you so you can be sure you are getting the BEST QUALITY HAND-MADE GUAYABERAS.



When you shop at MEXICO EN LA PIEL BOUTIQUE you are supporting a brand that values:  

1) Comfort without sacrificing Style; Connection with Culture & Celebration of the skilled artisans who make the Guayaberas.

2) High Quality and long lasting shirts to REDUCE POLLUTION from mass produced fast fashion items.

3) Fair Trade with our artisan partners to support sustainable local economies - NO EXPLOITATION

4) Partnering with small business skilled artisans who produce HANDMADE SMALL BATCH GUAYABERAS - Say NO to mass production or cheap imitations. 

MEXICO EN LA PIEL BOUTIQUE has a mission to make sure people have a high quality option to be comfortable while also looking elegant.

MEXICO EN LA PIEL BOUTIQUE wants to continue and grow the Guayabera tradition for a younger generation of people, while at the same time engaging in fair trade with talented local artisan tailors who hand make our products in small batch production runs to order for ultimate quality.

Yours truly has visited many  artisans throughout the YUCATAN PENINSULA to find and curate only the best quality Guayaberas for your enjoyment.

Our goal is to have a WIN-WIN partnership with our artisans so that we give back and support instead of extract and exploit talent and resources from the local Yucatan economy. 

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