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When you shop at MEXICO EN LA PIEL BOUTIQUE you are supporting a brand that values:  

1) Comfort without sacrificing Style; Connection with Culture & Celebration of the skilled artisans who make the Guayaberas.

2) High Quality and long lasting shirts to REDUCE POLLUTION from mass produced fast fashion items.

3) Fair Trade with our artisan partners to support sustainable local economies - NO EXPLOITATION. 

4) Partnering with small business skilled artisans who produce HANDMADE SMALL BATCH GUAYABERAS - Say NO to mass production or cheap imitations. 

MEXICO EN LA PIEL BOUTIQUE has a mission to make sure people have a high quality option to be comfortable while also looking elegant.

MEXICO EN LA PIEL BOUTIQUE wants to continue and grow the Guayabera tradition for a younger generation of people, while at the same time engaging in fair trade with talented local artisan tailors who hand make our products in small batch production runs to order for ultimate quality.

Yours truly has visited many  artisans throughout the YUCATAN PENINSULA to find and curate only the best quality Guayaberas for your enjoyment.

Our goal is to have a WIN-WIN partnership with our artisans so that we give back and support instead of extract and exploit talent and resources from the local Yucatan economy.